Looking For

We are very selective with what we accept on consignment. Marketability and resale value are considerations as we strive to please both our shoppers and consignors.

For the most part, we accept furnishings and home decor within the categories listed below, that are trendy, statement pieces, unique items or have an undeniable timeless style. We do allow for some antiques and items with an extremely unique look . We also periodically impose a restriction on items based on current inventory, seasons, holidays, and floor space.

In all cases, items must be clean, odor-free, and in solid/complete condition immediately ready for sale at the time of intake. Upholstered items must be spotless, stainless, odor free, and have no pet hair, fading, fraying, or sun-bleaching.


Home Décor

Greenery and Trees

Lamps & Installable Lighting


Bar Items

All categories have restrictions and exceptions, and all larger pieces must be pre-approved.